Learn more about our period of rebuilding. Your donation will go towards fighting hunger, food waste, and unemployment in Los Angeles. 



Date: September 20th, 2018

On September 21st, we will celebrate the graduation of Class 15 with our usual flair — powerful words, big smiles, new jobs and proud family members. It will also mark the beginning of a new phase at L.A. Kitchen.

Despite our significant impact and outpouring of support, we have to acknowledge that our combined philanthropic and earned income has not been able to fully sustain our work and meet the requirements of the loan we took out to build our beautiful facility. With the participation of our Board of Directors, we’ve decided to enter a period of rebuilding that will position L.A. Kitchen for a much stronger and more sustainable future.

This requires us to temporarily pause our culinary training and meal distribution programs. This is a tough decision, but we believe it’s the right thing to do. During this period we will continue expanding our social enterprise to create a more consistent earned revenue stream.

But, this does not dampen our enthusiasm or vision for LA. In 2019, L.A. Kitchen will be launching two partnerships that will expand our culinary job training program, while building on our dynamic approach to senior nutrition and intergenerational community engagement.

We know you might have a lot of questions, please read our FAQs below or reach out to our Founder & CEO, Robert Egger at regger@lakitchen.org.

We’ll keep you updated, and thanks as always for your love and support.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is happening with Shared Plates? 

This year’s Shared Plates is more important than ever. All money raised through Shared Plates will go towards fighting hunger, food waste and unemployment in Los Angeles. 

How can I help? 

3 Ways You Can Support L.A. Kitchen by:
  1. Support Shared Plates. Host or attend an event October 5th through 7th!
  2. Make a Gift that Matters. One-time or monthly gifts will all make a difference!
  3. Facebook Fundraising. Rally your friends and family in support of LAK!

What about your team?

Via our extensive network of employers, most of our wonderful team will be moving onto new jobs.  If you have any job openings in food service, please reach out to join@lakitchen.org who can refer one of our many skilled graduates. All of our graduates are certified food handlers and extremely diligent workers. We also have a kickass admin staff that could make an amazing addition to your nonprofit or business – for those opportunities, please reach out to join@lakitchen.org.

What about your kitchen? 

We are negotiating to take on a new contract that will utilize the majority of our space here at 230 W. Ave 26, so that we have a solid income stream to support our culinary training and meal distribution programs (which has always been our intent!). We are not sure what the final footprint will look like, but it is likely that some of our programs will remain at our kitchen and others will relocate to partner facilities in and around LA.

What if I have a volunteer event scheduled?

Unfortunately we are putting a temporarily hold on all volunteer events. Thank you so much for offering to donate your time, as we believe that giving volunteer service is the most valuable way to give back to one’s community. We are grateful to the 11,000 volunteers who have helped us over the last few years! Please make you are signed up to our newsletter for updates on our volunteer sessions.

What about your job training program? 

Class 15 will be our last class in 2018, but we are excited to partner with two badass organizations to expand our culinary job training program, while building on our dynamic approach to senior nutrition and intergenerational community engagement.

Are your Power of Food events still happening?

We are still hosting the following events with our partners at Taper Auditorium at the Central Library Los Angeles:

Food & Gentrification Panel, October 18th