Wealth derived from the community should be reinvested locally. Investments should be made in both the present and the future. All people have potential, and every person has a role in strengthening the community. You are a vital member of the L.A. Kitchen community and your support will change lives today and into the future!



L.A. Kitchen has a generous donor who will match all donations made to us by the end of the year – up to $500,000.


In August, we celebrated our SECOND YEAR of changing lives, preparing healthy meals and supporting our community. As we look into 2018, we have set the goal of reaching 15,000 meals each month and we need your help. Our goal is to raise $200,000 from local businesses and supportive individuals like you. The remainder of the $500,000 will be secured through our generous foundation supporters.


Make a safe contribution online today, or come drop off a check and take a tour of our space.

All gifts are eligible and will be doubled through the match! We greatly appreciate our Supporters who give what they can. You or your business can even split your total gift over the next 2 months – a $500 gift is only $250 a month. ALL donations will be leveraged to continue turning fresh CA produce into healthy meals for the community, while we train men and women for great jobs here at LAK or at numerous hospitality partners throughout L.A. 

Make an investment today.

Tell a friend and help reach the $500,000 goal by year end!