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Year 2 – Annual Report: Disappointments & New Directions

“It isn’t often a CEO begins an annual report with the word “disappointment”, but that’s what we faced last December, when we recused ourselves from the senior meal contract process with the L.A. Department of Aging. So, as we enter our third year, we wanted to acknowledge that the impact we sought to make has been limited…temporarily.  But we will not submit. That’s why we’re creating our own senior meal system.


Take a look at our 2017 Annual Report, which marks two years in our kitchen. This report will outline some of the bold steps we’ve taken to provide great, healthy meals to Angelenos young and old, as well as the new direction we will be taking Strong Food, our social enterprise business. Learn more about our awards, new partnerships, Super Senior Sites, community events, and how to get involved in our programs!”
– Robert Egger, CEO/Founder


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