Wealth derived from the community should be reinvested locally. Investments should be made in both the present and the future. All people have potential, and every person has a role in strengthening the community. You are a vital member of the L.A. Kitchen community and your support will change lives today and into the future!



Impact LA

IMPACT L.A. champions three significant areas of advocacy and engagement: 1) The fight against food waste, 2) proactive engagement through volunteerism, and 3) partnerships with charitable organizations serving L.A.’s most vulnerable populations.

First, the program works directly with local farmers and wholesale companies to collect fruits and vegetables that are cosmetically unsalable and would otherwise go to waste. By working with farmers and wholesale companies and distributors to recover and collect cosmetically-imperfect produce, we are leading the charge against food waste. In addition, our direct buying approach allows more money to stay in the local economy and greater value to be delivered to our programs.

Second, L.A. Kitchen cultivates, recruits, and engages a vibrant cross section of volunteers from diverse age groups, cultural communities, and professional and personal backgrounds and life experiences to help transform raw fruits and vegetables into fresh,nutritious, scratch-made meals and snacks. Intergenerational engagement is a core component of the Volunteer Program where older adults and young people work side-by- side and connect through meaningful dialogue with job trainees and graduates of L.A. Kitchen’s Empower program. Learn more about our Volunteer Bill of Rights.

Finally, L.A. Kitchen distributes free, nutritionally-dense meals, snacks and food products to social service agencies that serve Los Angeles’ most vulnerable populations, with a special focus on older adults. This generation is more health conscious than previous generations, and will demand better food options. Many of them are expected to suffer from chronic conditions that could be reversed or prevented by a healthy lifestyle. At the same time, few of these older adults will be financially secure in their later years, and they will rely on assistance programs for support.

L.A. Kitchen works with nutritional experts to produce predominantly plant-based products tailored to state and local regulations, while offering new and exciting approaches to feeding and empowering people. L.A. Kitchen’s food products are also made available to after-school programs, drug treatment centers, and programs that empower the homeless, with the goal of saving them millions of dollars that can be used to empower and uplift their clients.

To get involved, visit the Volunteer page or to donate produce, email reclaimla@lakitchen.org.