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José Andrés work with The L.A. Kitchen

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Jose Andres on 5 years of Bazaar, expansion, Bazaar Meat and samurais in Spain

L.A. Times
By Betty Hallock
November 7, 2013

It must have been what L.A. wanted too. So five years in, Andrés is talking about expanding the Bazaar into what is currently the lobby’s retail space. He’s not saying when, only that “it will happen.” And Saam, the Bazaar’s semi-incognito 30-seat dining room, will “morph into more a bar,” not a cocktail bar but more like minibar, Andrés’ 12-seat Washington, D.C., restaurant serving his avant-garde tasting menus.

Meanwhile, what he’s for now calling Bazaar Meat will open in the SLS Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, slated to debut next year. “Meat-centric,” he says, “but deeper, deeper, deeper.” Which means not just steaks but cuts of lamb and pigs cooked on big grills and a couple of types of wood-burning ovens (yes, plural).

Andrés also is collaborating with activist Robert Egger on the nonprofit L.A. Kitchen, which aims to provide food to those who most need it.

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