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What is the Super Senior Sites initiative? 

L.A. Kitchen’s Super Senior Site is an initiative to support programs across South and East L.A., who support communities of color where the impact of senior poverty will be most acute.

Our goal is to not only provide superior meals, but also include additional support to enliven and enrich the meal time experience.

L.A. Kitchen aims to distribute thousands of meals each week that generate measurable health outcomes, while showing that seniors will accept, enjoy and thrive on plant based, modest meat meals.

Who do we serve?

We currently serve eight different senior sites across the city averaging approximately 2,900 senior meals a month. Some sites receive meals in bulk to be served communally and other sites receive individually packaged meals that seniors can enjoy at the site or elsewhere.

What kind of meals?

All meals provided to Super Senior Sites are healthy and made from scratch. All meals contain a third of the daily suggested value of fruit, vegetables, grains, and protein. Our team is aware of certain challenges faced by seniors when eating and makes sure the food is appropriately cut and cooked to meet a senior’s needs.

Become a Partner 
We are currently searching for Super Senior Site partners. If you’re a senior center or non profit organization that could benefit from free healthy meals, we want to talk to you! Please contact nourishla@lakitchen.org or (818) 401-5685 to see if your site qualifies.