Wealth derived from the community should be reinvested locally. Investments should be made in both the present and the future. All people have potential, and every person has a role in strengthening the community. You are a vital member of the L.A. Kitchen community and your support will change lives today and into the future!



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to register to come in to volunteer for Kitchen Prep?

A: Yes,  you can register for a spot to volunteer HERE. We require volunteers to register beforehand so the culinary staff knows how much food to set aside to prep.

Q: What do I need to wear for Kitchen Prep?

A: Please wear a shirt with sleeves, pants, and close toe shoes. You may bring your own hat or apron if you’d like. If not, we will provide one for you!

Q. I registered for a service event but I’m on the wait list. Should I still attend the event?
A. No. Those who are on the wait list are not officially registered for the event. You are added to the official attendees list if another spot becomes available, and you receive an email confirmation for us.

Q: Is there an age requirement for Kitchen Prep?

A: Yes, volunteers must be 12 or older, and an adult must accompany volunteers under the age of 16 while in the kitchen.

Q: Where does the food that volunteers prepare go?

A: All of the healthy snacks, salads, and meals that are prepared at L.A. Kitchen are donated to social service agencies that serve Los Angeles’ most vulnerable populations. We prioritize support after school programs, treatment facilities, and agencies that provide dynamic programing for aging residents.

Q: Does this volunteer opportunity include serving food?

A: Kitchen Prep does not include serving of food.  Volunteering through Kitchen Prep you will prepare fresh and nutritious meals that are donated to service partners in L.A. who then distribute food to their communities.

Q: How do I bring in a group to volunteer?

A: If you are interested in volunteering with a group please fill out a Group Volunteer Request Form to book in a date.

Q: How can I do more at LA Kitchen?

A: We have a variety of volunteer opportunities such as becoming an LA Kitchen Ambassador with our senior center program, a Kitchen Prep Volunteer Lead, volunteering at events, internships or doing pro-bono work for our creative projects. Email engagela@lakitchen.org for more information on how you can get involved.

Q: What if something came up and I can’t make it anymore?
A: Cancellation Policy
Our volunteer service events are very popular. If you or your group can no longer attend a service event you’ve signed up for, please let us know as soon as possible so we may offer your spot to other individuals/groups on the waiting list. Please email your cancellation at engagela@lakitchen.org.
Actively reducing food waste while feeding our most vulnerable communities is essential to LAK. The amount of donated fruits and vegetables we bring in for each service event is calculated based on the number of volunteers registered. This ensures that food is efficiently processed into nutritious, wholesome snacks and meals, and delivered to our charitable partners the next day for maximum freshness and nutritional value. Our mission is possible because of volunteers like you committing to your service. We understand that things come up, so it is important that you provide us with timely notification if you can no longer attend. Individuals or Groups who fail to do so may not be eligible to participate in future service events at LAK.